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Welcome to the Ecumenical Dialogue Podcast

We are a group of friends who belong to different Christian traditions seeking to live out John 17.

Zach is a Roman Catholic and majored in Pastoral Ministries and Bible/Theology with a concentration in OT Theology and Hebrew. He is also a Seminarian (formation to become a Catholic Priest) for his Archdiocese and is currently studying to obtain an M.A. in Philosophy.

Chad is an Eastern Orthodox Christian and earned an M.A. in Biblical Studies with a focus in Hebrew/ OT studies, Greek, and Theology.

Scott is a Protestant and serves at a Presbyterian church. He has served in music ministry for over 20 years and is currently working on his M.A. in Biblical Studies with a focus in Greek.

We have an open dialogue on topics related to Christianity, theology, philosophy, and life. Send us your comments, feedback, questions, and yes we welcome you challenging us. We're here to welcome you into our dialogue.

Jul 19, 2020

Join Zach, Scott, Chad, and Matthew as they discuss the sacrament of baptism. We look at the historicity of baptism, the signs or elements for valid baptism, and whether this sacrament is salivific in nature.  

Jul 6, 2020

Join Zach, Chad, and Scott as they discuss the sacraments. We address a general definition of the sacraments, the differences between our traditions, and their significance to the Church.

May 23, 2020

Join Scott, Chad, and Zach as they catch up on recent events of the pandemic and discuss creation care.

Apr 28, 2020

Join Scott, Zach, and Chad as they discuss heterodox groups and their incompatibility with Christianity. They discuss the topic of trinity and the divinity of Christ. 

Apr 6, 2020

In this episode we celebrate our one year anniversary of the EDP podcast. Zach, Chad, Tony, and Scott are back and welcome guests Brian and Adam. We discuss each of our traditions and our experiences.